After years of flying very successfully in combination with the Thijssen brothers under the name Thijssen-de Ruijter, from 2018 we merged with John Ruttenberg from Baarn to form the combination Ruttenberg / de Ruijter. That this collaboration has been a golden choice is evident from the results achieved immediately in the first year of the collaboration; 1st not nominated and 4th nominated Vitesse in the department 7 against approximately 750 playing members with approximately 20,000 pigeons. 1st not nominated and 1st nominated after race in Afdeling 7 against over 600 playing members with approximately 12,500 pigeons. 2020 we became 3th National Champion Middle Distance, the 2019-4491111 was 2th Ace Pigeon late races Afdeling 7 against more then 14.000 pigeons.

2021 we achieved 2th not nominated Vitesse (short distance) in Afdeling 7 with approximately 700 playing members. 

View of the racingloft at John Ruttenberg